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Laser Cut Skateboard

After watching some of Braille Skateboarding's "YOU MAKE IT WE SKATE IT", William Osman decided that he could make something so much worse.

To start with, he found an open source skateboard design online, and used those dimensions as a basis for his design. He then modelled his slat-based design, the end pieces to hold them together, cross supports, and truck mounting blocks."Grip tape" was built into the board by adding a timing belt profile to each of the slats.

Once his design was finished, he exported it as a DXF and laser cut all of the parts. His biggest fear during assembly was how well the glue would adhere to the laser cut edges, so he cleaned them up a bit with a wire brush and a wet rag before assembly.

His favourite part of the whole assembly is the grip tape, which works really well! After giving it a good test run, it turns out that the board held together pretty well; although his fears about the glue turned out to be true. Some of the glued joints came undone, pulling the charred layer away quite easily. He theorises that sanding the joints may yield better results.

Head over to William's blog to learn more about it, and have a go at building your own if you feel brave! William Osman is a mechanical/electrical engineer whose projects mostly revolve around film tech and robots; and making himself look like a moron on the internet. You can watch many of his hijinks over on his Youtube channel.

BONUS! He sent his skateboard to the guys at Braille Skateboarding, you can watch them skate it below. Nice work!

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  • 26th January 2017
  • Kirsty

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