Regretfully Just Add Sharks Ltd has closed at the end of September 2017. Over the last year Just Add Sharks Ltd has faced challenges with the vanillabox crowdfunded Open Source laser cutter project and with leads times from their suppliers. Demand for low cost laser cutters has outstriped the supply. Lack of timely supply causes delays and disappointments to customers. This is further exasperated by the drop and fluctuating value of pounds sterling. Just Add Sharks Ltd will honour all customers manufacturers warranties.

Customers should continue to email their requests for technical support, software support, spare parts and warranty enquiries to or using the contact form below.

The Whitetooth A1 Laser Cutter increases cutting area and power making it capable of cutting through 12mm thick materials. The large cutting area and powerful 80W laser mean that the Whitetooth A1 A1 Laser Cutter is a highly capable machine suitable for any small industrial unit, large workshop, school, R&D facility or university.

This product includes a CW5200 chiller for tube cooling.

This machine uses a 80W laser tube, replacements are available for £500

This machine comes with an extractor fan for venting externally, we are also able to supply BOFA filtration unit at cost, should they be required. BOFA recommends the AD 500 IQ for use with this laser cutter.

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Key Features

900mm x 600mm laser cutting area
The cutting area holds a sheet of A1 card.
1,400mm x 1100mm x 1,070mm machine size
This laser is a large machine, though it will fit in a standard garage, water cooling, extraction and air assistance connections are located on the rear, the Whitetooth A1 can not be pushed flat against a wall
80w laser
The 1200mm long laser tube produces a peak output of 100W and 80W of continuous cutting. It will typically cut through 3mm birch laser ply at 25mm/s. The 80W laser tube are high quality and out perform standard tubes with an estimated 2500 hour lifespan and come with a 3 month warranty.
Lasercut 5.3 Controller
The laser uses the Lasercut software package from Leetro automation. It is capable of importing dxf files such as those created by 2D design and Adobe Illustrator.
100mW Red dot alignment
The red visible laser dot is particularly helpful if you want to squeeze large items onto the sheet material or to realign the work after removing it from the laser cutter.
Free Standing
The Whitetooth A1 Laser Cutter stands on it's own putting the working area of the machine at a sensible height. The lockable wheels allow you to move the Whitetooth for easy access behind the machine for maintenance. It has 4 adjustable height feet which maybe used to compensate for floor level or to adjust the working area height.
Powerful extraction
Vaporised material can leave significant staining on the work piece, the extractor fan draws the smoke out of the machine and away from the work in progress. All our machines come complete with long flexible tubes and powerful extraction fans.
Air assisted cutting
A 120 L/Min compressor pumps air through a pipe right up to the cutting head. Air assist improves the cutting effectiveness and protects the optics from smoke damage.
Honeycomb bed
This is a closely packed framework of end-on metal sheets. The dense arrangements supports all the work while cutting small items, the end on style reduces the number of laser reflections that may mark the underside of your work. They are also useful when sheet materials need to be held flat with magnets.
Knife bed
Is made of vertical slats which support large pieces of work during cutting, the vertical arrangement limits the number of laser reflections that burn the underside of the work.
LED illumination
A row of LED’s under the X-axis provides bright and even illumination of the work piece during cutting.

Technical Specification

Laser power: 80W
Maximum cutting area: 900 x 600mm
Body dimensions: 1,420mm x 1,100mm x 1,070mm
Repeatability: ± 0.05mm
Power source: AC 110 – 220V ± 10%, 50 – 60Hz
Total power: <1,000 W
Operating temperature: 0 – 45 °C
Humidity: 5 – 95%
Weight: 220kg

Postal Address

Company Reg: 08830095
VAT Number: 199319457