It’s our sad news to announce that we did not successfully attract enough backers to go forward with further development and production of the vanillabox laser cutter. We’d like to thank all those who did back us (you’ve been emailed separately) and to everyone who has supported us through emails, tweets and interest during this project. As of right now, we are unsure what future the vanillabox has.

We will not be going into production before some serious reflection. However we will keep the mailing list running, as we feel sure you’d want to know if anything changes! It’s been a very interesting journey and we’ve learned a lot about people's expectations around what a desktop laser cutter should be. Thank you and all the best in your future lasering endeavours!

Team vanillabox

Dominic Morrow, Martin Raynsford , Ian Dickinson.

Postal Address

Unit 10, The Wholesale District
Clarke Road
United Kingdom

0115 871 2088

Company Reg: 08830095
VAT Number: 199319457